Why Invest in U.S

  • Buying real estate in the U.S. is safe and transparent. It is carried out through a title company and all information is accessible online.
  • U.S. law protects property owners so that if and when tenants fail to pay the rent they are evicted by law by the sheriff within 21 days
  • The Company operates in high demand areas and in today’s rental market it usually does not take more than 30 days to find a tenant.
  • In the U.S. our properties are managed by property management companies that handle all aspects of the property for the owners. The management companies have dedicated departments for finding tenants and handling home repairs, as well as a legal department and a collection department that collects rent and transfers it to the property owner, All Management company reports are accessible on line. The full-service package is offered  in exchange for 10 percent of rental fees
  • The U.S. Economy is strong

The US economy is rebounding strongly from the Great Financial Crisis (GFC). The unemployment rate has improved to 5.3% over the past few years and wages are growing at a brisk annual rate of  4.6% .

  • The U.S. dollar is appreciating against other currencies

As the U.S. economy grows other economies weaken. The U.S. dollar is strengthening against others currencies – which means that capital growth in U.S. property is magnified by the rising U.S. dollar. If other currencies continue to fall, investors who buy U.S. property today will enjoy a huge windfall when the value of their U.S. property is converted back into their local currency.

  • U.S properties are available at affordable prices

Exceptional investment properties can be found in the USD $50,000 to $200,000 range. Prices are so low that the replacement cost of the structure often exceeds the purchase price. In some cases houses can be purchased for 50% below replacement cost.

The 2015 Demographic Study concluded that the USA has the most affordable housing market of all countries surveyed, with a median multiple of 3.

  •  Cash flows are usually immediate

U.S. investors enjoy an average gross yield of 9%, and up to 13% in some markets, which means that a $100,000 property can return $13,000 dollars annually in rent (in addition to any appreciation in the value of the property).

  •  The U.S. housing market has strong capital growth potential

The U.S. property market has turned the corner after its GFC collapse. Prices are already beginning to rise, and well-chosen property will enjoy considerable capital appreciation. Most economists are forecasting solid gains over the coming years, and the latest data show growth rates exceeding expectations in 2017.

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