About Home-10


Home-10 is an investment real estate one-stop-shop platform that offers a full service property investment package, provided by a team with over a decade of results-driven industry experience. We offer passive income investment properties for international and US property investors looking to enter the U.S. housing market.

If you are interested in investing in a profitable real estate market, please contact the professional team at Home 10, we are standing by to serve you today.


Home-10 U.S. Mission


Globally headquartered in Miami Florida and serving clients worldwide, Home-10 provides high yield property investments in the growing U.S. real estate market. Our mission is to offer our clients passive income and excellent capital growth potential with pre-tenanted properties. How can we do this in an ever-changing housing market? Home-10 is not your typical realtor selling the idea of a dream home. We focus on investment opportunities in the housing market and give property investors what they are looking for: affordable properties, reliable management and the ability to make a passive income.

If you are considering buying a home in the U.S. market, consider the advantages of working with Home-10:

  • One-stop-shop we handle everything from the initial purchase to management and repairs.
  • We put our investors needs first.
  • We are available 24/7.
  • Our properties offer a passive income
  • Our investors enjoy full service and do not have to worry about day-to-day property management issues.

Contact The Home-10 Team today to learn more about how you can invest in property in the growing U.S. home market and enjoy passive income.

Confident CEO

Daniel Crawford is an experienced property investment expert. As an active investor and real estate owner, he spent the last decade acquiring and managing hundreds of assets in many major U.S. cities, and locating attractive properties for international real estate investors. He has in-depth knowledge of local U.S. market trends, the real estate acquisition process and successful ongoing asset management. His expertise will help any property investor make the right choices during the investment and acquisition process to maximize revenues.

Daniel Crawford - CEO

Juliana Lewis is a true professional in the real estate field. She believes that a business of any kind, no matter the industry, market or its segments should be approached with knowledge and integrity. She is an achiever, and prides herself on being thoroughly educated as the business continuously evolves. She is also an all-inclusive educator to her clients, a caring counselor, a reliable guide, a true problem solver, and a constant communicator.

Julianna Lewis - Properties Manager

Kelly Jones is a highly-experienced Property Consultant. As the owner of properties in the U.S. and 10 years experience in business development, sales and marketing in multiple fields and countries, she has assisted dozens of investors in finding the most lucrative deal for their specific needs. Kelly believes that each investor has his or her own needs and expectations and she will work non-stop to find the best match for her client’s needs.
Kelly is a trustworthy and professional consultant who brings added value and vast expertise to Home10 clients.

Kelly Jones - Property Consultant & Costumer Support

Freddy Boutte, a property investor himself, has helped many investors, specifically from France, analyze and find property deals in the U.S.- deals that provide French investors double digit ROI. Freddy’s message to investors is that in today’s U.S. real estate market there is a never before real window of opportunity for property investors to upgrade their financial future. To take advantage of this opportunity investors are advised to act fast. Freddy is looking forward to helping you take advantage of this opportunity.

Freddy Boutte - French Advisor
Mature Arab businessman at desk in office, portrait

Mohamed Alu focuses on advising all Middle-East clients. He is also the owner of many U.S. based real estate assets. With his extensive previous experience in the high tech and atart-up field, Mohamad brings in-depth technological knowledge, and helps Home10 provide great investment opportunities through a streamlined and friendly process to both international and local investors.

Mohamed Alu - Middle East Advisor

Klaus Schneider’s area of expertise is advising all Home10 clients from Germany. Klaus helps them analyze each property and find the one that best fits their needs. Klaus himself owns many properties in the U.S. and has over 10 years of experience in business development and real state. He believes that every investor has his or her own needs and he will work non-stop to find the best match for his client’s needs.
Klaus is a trustworthy and professional consultant who brings added value and vast expertise to Home10 customers.

Klaus Schneider - German Advisor