Home10 real estate recruits 30 million Dollars to invest in single family homes in Cleveland, Ohio and Rochester, NY

In this country the act of buying and flipping real estate has been refined to a fine art form. More and more people are making their fortunes in the real estate market and its a simple truth that it can be done by anyone. It takes a great plan and some money to invest, but if done right the rewards can be astounding. No other area of investment has consistently shown such a high-profit margin and such a pattern of growth.

Home10 is an investment real estate one-stop-shop platform that owns and operates single-family homes. Home 10 is highlighted by achieving 90% occupancy of its existing portfolio and achieving up tp a 11% return on the properties.

Current Status of Portfolio

Home10 real estate now owns over 600 properties in Miami, Oho, and NY. These properties consist of single-family homes, with a focus on acquiring newer single family homes in Cleveland Ohio, Jacksonville, FL, and Rochester, NY. The properties are located In good school districts with family-oriented communities in markets with strong rental demand.

Ultimately, HOME10 real estate believes that by internally managing a focused portfolio with potential for rental growth and home price appreciation that it can achieve returns up to a 11%

Home10 real estate recently achieved 90% occupancy of property rentals on all of its existing properties and continues to operate with the goal of being a best-in-class manager for each of the locations in its portfolio.

Acquisition Pipeline and Recent Direct Public Offering Announcement

Over the past year, the Company has taken advantage of a robust pipeline of available properties at favorable rates as it builds its portfolio towards efficient scale. The Company recently recruited $30 million single family homes to invest in.

Management Commentary

Mr Tom Mayers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Home10 real estate, stated, “We are very pleased with the continued growth and improved property operating results throughout 2016, resulting in 90% occupancy across our portfolio.  Due to the high demand of foreign investors in the U.S.A, we continue to see attractive opportunities to acquire quality single-family homes and to improve our operating results as we achieve proper operating scale.  As an internally-managed company with a focused portfolio, we believe Home10 real estate has a distinct value proposition that both provides first-rate service for our renters while maximizing potential return for our clients in Germany, France, U.K, Hong kong, and Italy.  We continue to see attractive opportunities to acquire quality single-family homes and to improve our operating results to drive increased cash flow and value creation ”


Information about the Offering

Please email Home10 real estate at info@home10.us or call the Company at +1 786-610-4469 if you have any questions. You may also obtain a written prospectus for the offering by contacting the Company at the foregoing email address and phone number or by writing to the Company at  2875 NE 191 st Aventura FL.  You may also find more information at http://www.home10.us/


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